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Karen McIntyre, R.N
VA Accredited Agent

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Jay McIntyre, COO

Karen B. McIntyre is a registered nurse and VA accredited agent. She is also the president and co-founder of Veterans Information Services, Inc. (VIS), the co-founder of the VisPro® veterans’ benefits software, the president of Veterans Nursing Consultants (VNC), and past co-founder of Veterans Advocate Group of America (VAGA).

Over the past twenty years, she has traveled the country educating professionals about VA and DoD matters. She has personally helped thousands of families understand the complicated VA process. Her expertise related to the VA claims process has been recognized by law firms, state bars, and veterans service organizations throughout the U.S.

She currently manages a list-serve for hundreds of professions whose VA questions are answered daily by accredited individuals with over forty years’ experience in veterans’ matters. In addition, she co-publishes a monthly electronic newsletter, Veterans Family Matters, which offers a variety of interesting articles related to veterans.

Jay McIntyre is Vice President and co-founder of Veterans Information Services, Inc. (VIS) and co-creator of the VisPro veteran’ benefits software program designed to assist attorneys and agents in filing VA benefits claims. He was also co-founder of Veterans Advocates Group of America, LLC (VAGA).


Having spent 20 years in the corporate world and 16 years as a private business owner, Jay brings his business expertise to VBU. He manages the administrative end of the company.  

Jay comes from a military family. His father spent his career in the Army, serving in both WWII and Korea, retiring as a Lt. Colonel after twenty years. With his wife Karen, he has helped thousands of Veterans and their widowed spouses understand and obtain VA benefits.

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